Sandovan Seasoned Baked Chicken   12
Slow cooked to juicy perfection with various herbs

Sandovan Meatloaf     14
Try our home style savory meatloaf

Ox Tail Entree    11/14
Tender pieces of slow cooked Oxtail, simmered with an array of herbs and spices

Curry Goat Entree     11/14
Tender pieces of seasoned goat meat, slowly simmered in a thick pimento and curry puree

Sandovan Shrimp     16
Try our succulent shrimp: curry, jerk or grille

Curried Snow Crab Legs   11

Curried Snow Crab Legs & Shrimp   20
Entree with two sides

Shrimp Steak & Chicken Fried Rice   20

Sandovan Pasta     
Served with alfredo or tomato sauce

Jerk or Grill Chicken 11

Vegetarian 12

Jerk or Grilled Shrimp 16

Spaghetti & Meatballs 12

Ackee & Saltfish  15 
A Traditional Jamaican dish

Callaloo & Saltfish  13

Saltfish only  12

Served with 1 Green Banana, 1 Yam & 2 Boiled or 2 Fried Dumplings

Chicken Entree   8.5 / 11.5
Savory bites of slow cooked chicken (Jerk, stew or curry)

Sandovan Steak    20
Try our succulent steak, well done or medium

Sandovan Vegetarian Dish    14
Its easy to meatless with this healthy & delicious meal that includes rice and peas, steamed cabbage, plantains and spinach

Sandovan Salmon    18
Prepared exactly how you want it.  Stewed, jerk or grilled

Tilapia   13
Who doesn't love fresh tilapia: grilled, stewed or jerk 

Snapper    20W
Have our world famous snapper stewed, escoveitched, curried or steamed with herbs.

Sandovan Fried Rice

Chicken  12

Shrimp 16

Combination 18

Rice only  6